January Favourites..



Hi guys,

So here are my January favourites… a bit late but better late than never.  So let me get right into it.


1. Salt Scrub by Sanctuary Spa

Add a little bit of luxury to your bath or shower time.  I have been loving this body scrub by  Sanctuary spa. Its rich and thick and leaves the body feeling smooth and extremely moisturised. Now be aware that it is an oily scrub and can leave a slight oil residue, but this soon wears off.  It also has a great smell.


2.Maxfactor  2000 Calorie mascara –  

I usually use Dior Show Blackout or YSL Sumptuous Extreme mascara, which are both  great,  however I recently ran out of both of them. I never had time to go to the department store to pick up a new one, so while I was doing my weekly shop I remembered and  picked up one of my old favourites, Maxfactor 2000 calorie dramatic volume mascara.  When I used it I was reminded of why I used to love it.  Application is easy and its very affordable  at £7.99.   It says it gives up to 300% more volume and is smudge  proof, so you can  have a dramatic look. However it  can clump  a little but otherwise its a nice option for a mascara.


3.Real Techniques Complexion sponge –

Created by The Pixiwoo You tube  sister duo, Sam and Nicole Chapman.  This is a great and much more affordable alternative to the famous  Beautyblender.  It has a classic tear drop shape.  The flat edge is great for blending around the eyes and nose.  This is great for blending out your base or your concealer to give you that flawless finish. Priced at £4.99 it’s a steal when compared to the beauty blender which is priced at £16.00.  I brought a couple of these and use it to blend my concealer highlight.  The technique I use is almost like a “dab and roll” manoeuvre, which allows you to push the product into the skin without the streaks etc.


4.NARS eyeshadow base –

This is a great a base for your eyeshadow. It smooths the eyelid and prepares it to receive the eyeshadow, it also helps to avoid cracking and prolongs the wear. When I get to my night time make up removal routine, my eyeshadow looks like I just applied it.


5. Zara perfumes –  

Have you used any of these perfumes? If your fed up with using your more expensive perfumes every day and watching the bottle quickly empty, I would advise you consider these. The Zara perfumes are a great option for a simple, reasonably priced perfume.  They have  gorgeous scents depending on your taste. Some have a more floral smell and others have a stronger musk like scent.  Now don’t expect a long lasting one spray a day perfume, but because its so reasonably priced you can carry it with you and respray several times during the day. They are priced between £10-£12 and  I personally like the Femme and Nuit.   Now I love my perfumes and I have a good collection of high end fragrances with my favourite being Chanel, but it’s always nice to add variety.


Well thats it for my January faves, I hope you enjoyed them.  Maybe you will consider some of them in the future. Have you tried any of these or are you thinking about it?  It would be nice to know how you found them.  Please leave your comments below.


Until next time..


Angela Nx



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