In the nude…

In the nude…



Hi guys,

I’m loving my nude shellac nails.  Seeing as I can’t wear bright, vibrant nail polish colours during the week, I have to find a nice alternative which I can wear occasionally.

I’ve had shellac polish in the past and got on quite well with it. Some people have reported damage to the nail, but it’s definitely not as harsh as some common alternatives. I think the key is in the safe removal and to give your nails a break. I will update you on the removal in a future post.

For now, I will just enjoy..


Working on our inner beauty….

Working on our inner beauty….


Beauty begins from within.

Its so cliche…but so true.  We can look gorgeous on the outside, but the true beauty comes from what is happening on the inside.  What makes up this inner beauty? There may be many different answers and different opinions on this but ultimately I think we all have to discover and work on our own inner beauty.

I believe the fundamentals should be a gentle spirit, compassion, be slow to speak, quick to listen, kindness, joy, love, generosity and confidence.  Your words should not cut through the delicate layers of another individual.

Remember the film Shallow Hal? If we don’t have the inner beautiful going on, we might as well forget the external physical beautiful.   Sometimes the most beautiful thing about a person is when they don’t even realise how beautiful they are physically.

I love trying out new beauty products, makeup, developing my style etc, but my inner beauty is just as important, if not more so.  I think we can all work on a few of these things, myself included. At the end of the day we are all a work in progress.

Lets learn and grow…

Angela  Nx

How to wear African native style….

How to wear African native style….






I wore this outfit to a wedding recently. It is a 2 piece, a  skirt and strapless top made out of Kente material from Ghana, West Africa…. my heritage.

The Kente cloth is one of the most recognised fabrics in Africa.  It is Ghana’s national material and is extremely symbolic for Ghanaians, particularly from the Ashanti tribe. It represents pride and history and has an important link to the Ashanti Royal Kingdom.

The word kente is from the word “kenten” which means basket.  It is a type of silk/cotton fabric and is mainly worn by the Akan ethnic group of Ghana.  The cloths are beautifully hand woven with bright, vibrant, mutilcoloured,  bold designs.  It is worn to many different ceremonies e.g weddings, baby namings, graduations etc.  Every design has a  story and proverbial meaning and the fabrics come in many different colours. Each colour also represents something for example,

Blue= sky, holiness,peace,good fortune and love

Purple= earth and healing.

As you can now appreciate, Ghanaian’s wear this fabric with pride.  The majority of the Ghanaians at this wedding wore Kente and both men and women can wear it. The men wear a large length of material strategically thrown over one shoulder and the remainder wrapped around the body. Women tend to wear a skirt and top or a one piece with a design to fit the persons personal style and taste. You can buy the material from an African textiles/material shop i.e. in Liverpool Street, London  and a good seamstress can make the the outfit.
Well that was my attempt to give a cultural lesson… I hope you enjoyed it.

With love
Angela Nx

Aspire to elevate yourself and others…

Style v Comfort…

Style v Comfort…





Black High Heel Sandals

I recently picked up these beauts.  They were a steal on sale from Nine West in  House of Fraser. The price tag was £59 reduced from £105.
Open toe high  heels with the side  buckle detailing. They will go very nice with some of my outfits.



When you look for shoes,  do you go for style or comfort? Which is more important?  I have a friend who will always go for style over comfort and her feet are paying for it now!

Now I  know we have all experienced that feeling when you see a pair of shoes that give you palpitations, sweaty palms and generally get you over excited.  They would usually have a killer heel and sometimes a killer price tag. They felt a bit tight in the shop, but you thought “I’ll work it”. When you buy and wear them, you feel super sexy.  You leave your house with your head held high, with poise and class…untouchable.

Fast forward a few hours later after dancing, socialising  etc and you will find that you’re now walking with your back hunched over, knees knocked together and taking pigeon steps.  This is because those same beloved shoes are attacking your feet!!   You look down at them and your toes look  like they have been taken hostage.   The class, poise and general “togetherness” have gone and you  have a corn that wasn’t there before. You wish you had on those comfortable soft slippers waiting for you at


Style or comfort?

I personally aim for both, for the reasons I just mentioned,  but if I had to choose I’m afraid…its comfort. I have suffered in the past. To combat this problem I sometimes bring a pair of foldable, cotton flat ballet  pumps out with me which can easily fit in my bag.  You can find many shoes which provide both style and comfort, you just have to find the right retailer.

The shoes in this post are an example. They look stylish, but the heel is wearable and not so narrow and high, so they provide stability and help me with my not so narrow feet.  I sound like an old woman I know, but these things are important…


So which is it…style or comfort?  Please leave your comments, like  and share.