How To Beat Self Sabotage, Negative Self-talk and Limiting Beliefs

How To Beat Self Sabotage, Negative Self-talk and Limiting Beliefs

A little self-criticism is a normal shared human mental pattern, and can even be healthy for the most part, but we can also just as easily open the door to that overly vocal “negative nelly” voice in our head.

However, if your negative voice is preventing you from doing what you want or need to do in your life, then it has to get booted back out the door. This kind of mental chatter has no right to set up shop in your mind.

Deeply held negative beliefs, especially when they’re firmly rooted in your subconcious mind, stress you out, damage relationships and can greatly limit your potential for health and happiness.

If you’re sick of having the same old conversation with negative nelly, then be sure to try some of the ideas I’ve outlined in this article on how you can shift away from this damaging mindset, and finally release yourself of these limiting beliefs.

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the little, but persistent voices that convince you that you can’t be or do or have something due to a perceived inadequacy in some area of your life or personality.

Your negative nelly narrative usually goes something like this:

I won’t ever be [this]…

I can’t do [that]…

I don’t have [this]…

I don’t deserve to be/have [this]…

And, one really common one that comes up for many people…

I am not good enough.

Let’s change up the narrative you may have been having with yourself for a very long time!

Overcoming negative self-talk and releasing limiting beliefs

Your limiting decisions have shaped everything you do, and they have likely prevented you from seeing opportunities and maybe even discouraged you from trying some things at all.

The good news is that it’s totally possible to permanently change a long-held belief — even the ones that are lifelong.

You only perceive what you believe, so your beliefs shape the very world you live in.

But, when your limiting beliefs come into question, your whole world can experience a shift for the better.

Here are a few ideas to help you silence your inner critic for good!

When you find yourself feeling “stuck”, or repeatedly spinning your wheels on the same speed bumps that life might be throwing your way, it’s always a great idea to seek out the help and guidance of a life coach, counsellor or therapist.

In addition to that, there are several things you can do on your own, in your own time and space..

1.The first step to releasing limiting beliefs is to shift your thinking into AWARENESS

Time to bring those disempowering thoughts out of hiding! Once you do that, know that you have choice.

However, just simply being aware or having knowledge of them is not enough, it’s just the first step. You must understand and truly believe that you have a choice about how to react to stressful situations.

2. Possible thinking, not just positive thinking

Your mind is a powerful thing, and when you fill it with thoughts of what’s possible (not just positive), your mindset will start to shift.

When you believe something IS possible, you will notice options and opportunities coming up for you that would simply not have be noticed if you did not believe it was possible.

With repetition, your positive feelings will intensify, the new neural connections will strengthen, and you’ll start to notice just how awesome this new “win” really feels!

Reminding yourself often of these little wins can further shift your mindset and help you embrace the bright side of your perceived “failures” or shortcomings. It also helps to simply accept that you are perfectly imperfect, just the way you are!

3. If you wouldn’t say it to your friend, don’t say it to yourself

Your limiting beliefs are assumptions you make about reality that often aren’t true. They aren’t helpful, and they certainly don’t serve you or the goals you want to achieve.

Ask yourself: would I say these negative, hurtful and unsupportive words to a friend?

4. Adopting empowering beliefs such as:

“It is not my job to please everyone else.”

“Just be me. There will never be anyone else like me.”

To swap out your limiting belief with a more empowering one, you’ll need to play a little mind game:

Convince yourself that the value you thought you were getting from the former limiting belief isn’t worthwhile, and that your new empowering belief can serve to fill this void.

5. Take some time and space that’s all yours

Ensure that you are creating space in your life for these new empowering beliefs. Take action and get into the habit of using your new beliefs as often as possible until they begin to feel comfortable, familiar and routine to you.

Just remember – you have the ability to harness the power of the possible! Overcoming negative self-talk and releasing yourself of limiting beliefs takes commitment, introspection and a good dose of self-confidence to make the necessary changes stick.

There’s the old saying that we view ourselves through a much harsher lens than the rest of world does. So, let’s try to bring our own lens back into focus.

To your wellness

Dr. Angela x

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#Dress up 2019

#Dress up 2019

Can you believe that 2019 is upon us?

Where did 2018 go?

Well with Christmas well and truly behind us, all of the focus has now shifted to the New Year and that means “outfits, venues, goals and resolutions”.

This post will concentrate on outfits. We can look into some of the other topics in a future post.

Now it could be that you want to go out on New Years Eve and paint the town red or you just want a  quiet one at home with your loved ones.  Whichever one it is, I’m sure you will want to be dressed appropriately.

I’m sharing  a couple of looks which could be considered for a night out.  The first is a one shoulder LBD which can be paired with some killer heels or boots and then accessorised with gold or silver jewellery.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Some examples of similar dresses are in the links below:

One shoulder LBD with bow:

One shoulder LBD:

If you decide that you would prefer to shimmer your way into the New Year, you may consider a black and silver sequin dress like this.


Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

Shimmer black halter dress:

Pair it with some killer heels or boots and you’re good to go. You wont need to go overboard with your accessories, just some bold earrings and maybe a bangle and a watch.  Fashion rings would finish the look.

Whatever you decide, Have a great one! xo



Colourpop Ultra matte liquid lips review..

Colourpop Ultra matte liquid lips review..

Hi guys,

I hope you’re well.

Today I’m reviewing the @colourpop cosmetics Ultra matte liquid lipstick.  Unless you have been living on a gorgeous remote island somewhere, you have probably seen  liquid lipsticks being advertised, especially  on Youtube and Instagram.   I have recently invested in the colour pop brand and I thought I would add my humble opinion to the mix.

Firstly I want to say that I’m usually a nude lip girl most of the time. However I liked the pretty colours so much that I extended my usual colour palette to include some (never before worn) bold colours….! They actually look pretty cool on.

Any way let me get on with this review.

Colourpop cosmetics are an LA based affordable cosmetics company.  There “about us” page highlights the fact that they want their products to be accessible and affordable which is a great philosophy to stand by.  Also they only test their  products on humans.


2016-03-05 10.40.00



There are 47 colours to choose from.  I brought a mixture of 9 different colours. The colours are super pigmented and  long lasting.




The lipsticks come in a fairly standard  lipstick cardboard box packaging.  The box is a simple understated white colour with and an orangey red lid.






So I have been wearing “Trap” to work.  When I swatched this on my arm it looked like a fairly washed out pale nude.  I must say I was a bit disappointed. However on my lips it comes out as a very pretty pink colour and I get quite a few compliments about it.

The lipstick is very wet when applied.  A lip liner may help to control the application, however I found that when you apply the lipstick to the lip line first and then “fill in” worked well for me.



2016-02-29 21.22.14

Creeper – A lovely orange/ red colour



2016-02-29 21.25.32

Trap – A pink/nude



2016-02-29 21.16.47




2016-02-29 21.14.24

Kapow – A greyish colour



2016-02-29 21.15.31

Chilly chili- A pink/brown 



2016-02-29 21.17.52

Lax- deep rich brown/red tone



2016-02-29 21.12.51

Zipper – deep pink



2016-02-29 21.18.31

Lychee- fun pink



2016-02-29 21.19.53

Be-Dazzled- bold purple



2016-02-29 21.21.19

Jellies – Blue is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a fun, edgy colour that I thought I’d try out..:-)


Time to dry

Its starts drying after a few seconds and I would say its completely dry by 60 seconds.  Then you can touch your lips and you don’t get the same disappointment that you get with standard lippies.  As I said earlier I have been wearing this to work and I wear a surgical mask most of the day with a few cups of tea long the way.  Even with all of that, the lipstick did not need reapplication until way after lunch.  So I’m pretty confident that it would last longer on a non work day.

The lipstick does fade a little after eating and that would be the time for possible re application.



The finish is a very current matte look.  These lipsticks can be a bit too drying for the lips though.  So if you have dry cracking lips to start with , this may not be for you, unless you use a lip balm prior to application..;-).  I would also consider exfoliating the lips regularly.


I remove the lipstick with an oil based make up remover.  The deeper colours are not so easy to remove completely.  You can also use cleanser wipes.

Have you tried this lipstick?  How do you find it and have you tried any other brands?

Thanks for stopping  by.

Till next time.

Angela Nx



My Valentine’s day makeup…

My Valentine’s day makeup…

Happy Valentine’s day!

A day of love and romance.  I actually believe that love should be celebrated and made  a fuss of any day  of the year, but hey lets get back to this specific day.  This is  a day most will share with their partners, husbands, lovers  etc.  But its not just about romantic love.  Love goes beyond that.  It’s about extending that hand of friendship to someone who you may not reach out to usually.  Remembering people from your past, remembering people or family who may have lost someone, remembering your single friends and family, widows and widowers or even forgiving someone who has wronged you!  The last one can be difficult but definitely doable, life is too short!:-)

As I write these things, I’m also talking to myself. Now if you opt to stay in by yourself, watch romcoms and eat chocolates or not celebrate it at all, it all definitely works. How ever you decide to spend it, have an open heart and enjoy your day…

Okay back to the makeup….

This year I’ve opted for  a soft glam Valentines day look.  The colours I’ve chosen would work across a spectrum of skin tones. This can be worn out on a date or if your out with friends or family.

I used the Naked 3 palette to create a pink soft smokey eye.

2016-02-14 14.46.07_wm2016-02-14 14.05.23

2016-02-14 14.06.162016-02-14 16.48.582016-02-14 14.07.59-2



2016-02-14 13.35.37

Products used:


Anastasia dip brow pomade – dark brown


Naked 3 palette



Transition colour:


Outer v:





Revlon Photoready – Cappucinno


Mac Fluid eye liner gel – blacktrack


Mac Pro Longwear – NW40


Sleek face contour  – dark


Mac Mineralize skin finish – Gold Deposit


Sleek  – Sahara


Mac lip pencil – Spice

Colourpop cosmetics Ultra Matte lip – Trap

2016-02-14 14.04.01-2

I hope you like the look.

Let me know what looks you went for …

Have a lovely day..

Angela Nx