Colourpop Ultra matte liquid lips review..

Colourpop Ultra matte liquid lips review..

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Today I’m reviewing the @colourpop cosmetics Ultra matte liquid lipstick.  Unless you have been living on a gorgeous remote island somewhere, you have probably seen  liquid lipsticks being advertised, especially  on Youtube and Instagram.   I have recently invested in the colour pop brand and I thought I would add my humble opinion to the mix.

Firstly I want to say that I’m usually a nude lip girl most of the time. However I liked the pretty colours so much that I extended my usual colour palette to include some (never before worn) bold colours….! They actually look pretty cool on.

Any way let me get on with this review.

Colourpop cosmetics are an LA based affordable cosmetics company.  There “about us” page highlights the fact that they want their products to be accessible and affordable which is a great philosophy to stand by.  Also they only test their  products on humans.


2016-03-05 10.40.00



There are 47 colours to choose from.  I brought a mixture of 9 different colours. The colours are super pigmented and  long lasting.




The lipsticks come in a fairly standard  lipstick cardboard box packaging.  The box is a simple understated white colour with and an orangey red lid.






So I have been wearing “Trap” to work.  When I swatched this on my arm it looked like a fairly washed out pale nude.  I must say I was a bit disappointed. However on my lips it comes out as a very pretty pink colour and I get quite a few compliments about it.

The lipstick is very wet when applied.  A lip liner may help to control the application, however I found that when you apply the lipstick to the lip line first and then “fill in” worked well for me.



2016-02-29 21.22.14

Creeper – A lovely orange/ red colour



2016-02-29 21.25.32

Trap – A pink/nude



2016-02-29 21.16.47




2016-02-29 21.14.24

Kapow – A greyish colour



2016-02-29 21.15.31

Chilly chili- A pink/brown 



2016-02-29 21.17.52

Lax- deep rich brown/red tone



2016-02-29 21.12.51

Zipper – deep pink



2016-02-29 21.18.31

Lychee- fun pink



2016-02-29 21.19.53

Be-Dazzled- bold purple



2016-02-29 21.21.19

Jellies – Blue is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a fun, edgy colour that I thought I’d try out..:-)


Time to dry

Its starts drying after a few seconds and I would say its completely dry by 60 seconds.  Then you can touch your lips and you don’t get the same disappointment that you get with standard lippies.  As I said earlier I have been wearing this to work and I wear a surgical mask most of the day with a few cups of tea long the way.  Even with all of that, the lipstick did not need reapplication until way after lunch.  So I’m pretty confident that it would last longer on a non work day.

The lipstick does fade a little after eating and that would be the time for possible re application.



The finish is a very current matte look.  These lipsticks can be a bit too drying for the lips though.  So if you have dry cracking lips to start with , this may not be for you, unless you use a lip balm prior to application..;-).  I would also consider exfoliating the lips regularly.


I remove the lipstick with an oil based make up remover.  The deeper colours are not so easy to remove completely.  You can also use cleanser wipes.

Have you tried this lipstick?  How do you find it and have you tried any other brands?

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