Holiday style..

Holiday style..





I know that we are officially in the autumn/fall season.  However I’m  currently on holiday in the Caribbean, so I thought I’d share some of the looks I had.  It’s been a lovely relaxing beach holiday experience.  I’ve enjoyed the gorgeous clear blue sea and sky and loving the warm evenings.  Its been a long awaited well deserved holiday if I say so myself.  One day I wore this lovely maxi dress from  It fits and falls really well.  Its great around the bust area also, if your a little busty like me.  Great for the day or if paired with nice jewellery, it can be worn at night.  So here I am trying to hold on to the summer sun for as long as possible…

Angela Nx


It’s a new season…

It’s a new season…









DSC_0501As the weather starts to change with the change of season, so does our style.  I recently wore this outfit. I wanted to dress simple, comfortable and weather appropriate, so I decided on skinny  jeans and a loose top.  I’m often accused of wearing a lot of black, so I added this coral coloured number. The top has ‘cut outs’ on the inner sleeve, but it was difficult to capture in the photos.

Have a great day….








Top – Zara woman

Jeans – Baxter, Top Shop

Necklace – New Look

Bangles – New Look

Bag – Russell & Bromley

Sunglasses – Prada

It’s black & white…!

It’s black & white…!


Hi guys,

I had to attend an event which required me to wear black and white attire. I chose a white front ruffled shirt from Banana Republic, a black pencil skirt from Zara and black patent pumps from Aldo. Kept it simple.   It was for a celebration of the life of a lovely man who had sadly passed on.   We had a nice day, talking  about his generosity and love.  It was lovely seeing faces of the past.

The outfit was quite appropriate I’d say.   I love pencil skirts.  I feel that they mix sophistication with a bit of sexy without going overboard. I wouldn’t advise wearing a tight skimpy top with them though. Lets keep it classy..haha.

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