Choosing a gorgeous red…

Choosing a gorgeous red…


A few tips..

Red is considered the colour of love and passion for some and with the valentines season upon us many of us would love to wear red lipstick, but don’t know where to begin.  A nice red lipstick can bring your face to life and turn a fairly simple makeup look into a dramatic one.

“But red lipstick doesn’t suit me…”  was a sentence I used to frequently find myself saying. When what I should have been saying was “I need to find the right red lipstick for my skin tone”.  My  signature look is usually  a nude lip, but I love to paint my lips red every so often especially as red lips makes me feel instantly glamorous.   Truth be told, most of us can find a shade of red which suits us and there are a few guidelines around which offer some assistance.  The general consensus regarding shades of red lipstick and skin tone are:

Determine your skin colouring which  may be fair, medium, olive, chocolate brown, dark brown.  A blue based red lipstick looks good on fair skin, true blood red looks nice on medium or olive skin. Burgundy and dark reds look best on darker skin tones.

However, rules are meant to be broken. I say go and try different shades, tones, mattes and glosses. Remove all signs of any lipstick before you try on the red  and  get a second opinion from a trusted friend.  Don’t forget your lip liner and you can clean up any “bleeding” with concealer.  Mixing and blending different shades of red can also create your perfect colour. The one rule I would definitely follow is go easy on the eye makeup.  Keep the eye shadow fairly neutral so you don’t look garish.

I’m wearing one of my favourite red lipsticks in the photo: MAC’s Viva Glam.

If you’re not used to wearing red lips- give it a try.

If you already wear it – keep doing you..

Use one word in the comments section to describe how you feel when you wear red lipstick..

Happy Valentines…

Until next time

Angela Nx


 Gorgeous reds